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Why do I need Public and Employers Liability Insurance, and what does it cover me for and cost?

There are clearly a lot of different insurance policies that a plumber might require, however, two insurances for a business involved with plumbing would need are:

Public Liability Insurance (PL)

This insurance covers a plumber for any damage they may have caused to another party, either bodily injury or property damage. The plumber could be working on a project and cause damage to someone else’s property or may unfortunately injure another person while working in their profession as a plumber.

In which case the Public Liability Insurance policy, known in the insurance industry as PL would hopefully cover the plumber or his/her staff for any mistakes where they caused loss or injury to another person while operating their plumbing business. In real terms this means that the Public Liability policy would drop in to pay for legal fees to defend an allegation against the plumber as they may not think they were at fault or perhaps where it was proved to be the fault of the plumber or his/her staff the policy would pay damages awarded against the plumber or the business up to the level of insurance chosen.

Employers Liability Insurance (EL)

Any plumber that employed staff (even on a part time basis) would, by law need to have Employers Liability Insurance in place.
This insurance would cover the plumber or his/her business against any claims being brought by a member of your staff or their representative for bodily injury, death or property damage.

Where you as the employer are being accused of neglect or for a loss the employee has suffered the Employers Liability Insurance would be able to help you with the defence of any allegation against you i.e. the legal defence costs and then in the event that you were found to be neglectful or the accident caused by the company damages would be awarded up to the level of indemnity set. The level of indemnity is generally set at £10,000,000 although the statutory requirement is only £5,000,000.00.

Any plumber must display and make their staff aware that they do have an up to date Employers Liability Insurance certificate (EL) and without this a plumber could face a fine of £2,500.00 per day.

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