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Plasterers and Dryliners Insurance Cover

Whether you have been in business for a long time or just about to start your plastering or dry lining business Public Liability Insurance is a very important insurance to have in place.

For existing plasterers/ dry liners who all ready hold Public Liability Insurance (PL) and would like to compare you Public Liability quotes this year you can do so with our Online Quote & Buy system within minutes.

Any questions you have about Public Liability Insurance for your plastering or dry lining business please call us for friendly quick advice (we promise no call centres with inexperienced staff) but all experienced brokers who will be able to handle your enquiry.

Starting your Plastering or Dry Lining Business

Q:What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

A:If you are just about to start your plastering or dry lining business you may not know what this policy offers you. In the main the Public Liability Insurance policy will help you defend against possible claims that may be placed against you when working in your business.

The Public Liability Insurance will cover for such things as the legal costs to defend an allegation against your plastering or dry lining business for example the insurance company will appoint a solicitor or claims handler to look after a claim where someone has accused you of either bodily injury or property damage that you may have caused them whilst on site or in the course of your plastering dry lining work.

For example if you were plastering on a project along with other tradesmen and you were accused of damaging someone’s property, it maybe that was the case and you did accidently cause damage and loss via your actions, in which case the Public Liability policy could respond to both legal defence (as it may not have been your fault) or where it was proved to be your error, to help with the cost of damages awarded against you.

So basically the Public Liability Insurance will protect your business against the possibilities of mistakes you could make or where you feel you were not at fault to help with the legal costs to defend you.

Employers Liability Insurance for Plasterers & Dry Liners

Employers Liability Insurance certificates when would a sole trader or company need to consider this insurance cover?

If you are a sole trader plasterer or dry liner you do not need to have Employers Liability Insurance, however, there is a fine line where you must be aware of your responsibilities regarding Employers Liability Insurance. That being if as a plasterer or dry liner you asked someone to help you on a project on a part time or casual basis, and they were not running a plastering/ dry lining business or a bona-fide subcontractors with their own insurance you need to consider Employers Liability Insurance and make part time staff aware that you hold this cover. It is a statutory requirement and without it you could be fined £2,500.00 a day!

If you are in doubt and need to discuss your circumstances it would be a good idea to talk with one of our brokers who could advise you whether you require to hold Employers Liability Insurance (EL) or not.

If you are a plastering or dry lining partnership/ company that employs staff, again even on a part time basis you must hold an Employers Liability Insurance certificate and display this in your office or make sure staff have access via your computer systems that you have purchased the Employers Liability Insurance and hold a certificate.

What does Employers Liability Insurance cover?

Employers Liability Insurance will cover your plastering or dry lining business against possible claims being made by your employees against the business. For example if an employee was injured or had their property damaged because of the possible fault of your business.

The policy would either pay towards the cost of defence (as you may not have been at fault) or where it was proved to be the fault of your business, any damages awarded against you up to the level of indemnity set. This is usually £10,000,000.00 although the statutory requirement is £5,000,000.00 most insurance companies offer a standard £10,000,000.00 cover.

It is also very difficult to purchase ‘stand alone’ Employers Liability Insurance it has to be purchased together with Public Liability Insurance (PL) so they come as a set:

1. The Public Liability Insurance for third party claims against the plastering or dry lining business.
2.The Employers Liability Insurance for claims brought against you by employees.

As a specialist broker we can obtain quick terms online for you at very competitive rates where you can compare and buy your cover within minutes for Public & Employers Liability Insurance.

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