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Q:What will Public Liability Insurance cover for me?

A: We all make mistakes from time to time and it could be that whilst you are painting or decorating you cause an accident either injuring a person or damaging someone’s property.

Your Public Liability Insurance policy will drop into either help defend an allegation against your painting or decorating business or (where proved) damages awarded against you up to the level of indemnity you purchased.
So it would be a very important protection for your business. Imagine if a large claim was brought against you, say even £50,000 or £100,000 where would you find this money? Not to mention all the legal costs you could also occur. Bottom line you could loose your painting and decorating business indeed even your own wealth such as your property and savings. As you can see your Public & Employers Liability Insurance becomes a really important part of protecting you painting and decorating business.

Painters & Decorators Employers Liability Insurance

Why do I need to have Employers Liability Insurance?

Well you need to ask yourself if the following apply to your painting and decorating business:

Q:Are you a sole trader?

A:If you are only a sole trader and don’t employee anyone, even on a part time or casual basis you do not need to have employers liability insurance (EL).

Q:What if I ask people to help me on a job?

A:This will depend on whether they are a business in their own right or if they are being hired by you on a part time basis. To be sure about their role in your business and whether you need to obtain Employers Liability Insurance it is best to speak with our brokers who will advise you as to whether you need to purchase the cover or not.

Q: We are a painter and decorator who has 2 employees do we need Employers Liability (EL)?

A:Yes, you will need to purchase an Employers Liability Insurance certificate. This is a statutory requirement, you must obtain this cover if you employ staff. Without this you could be facing fines of £2,500.00 per day.

Q:What does Employers Liability Insurance cover?

A:This insurance for your painting and decorating business will cover you against claims that may come from one or more of your employees if they think they have suffered a loss or injury due to your neglect.

Q:What type of claims could be brought against my painting and decorating business?

A:The Employers Liability Insurance tends to cover claims such as bodily injury or property damages where your employee is seeking compensation for their injury or damage and loss to their ‘property’.

The insurance will help with defence costs of an allegation against you, and then in the event that you were found to be neglectful in your duties towards your employee/s the insurance will pay up to the level of indemnity for awards against you.

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