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Carpet Fitters Insurance Cover

If you are an established carpet fitter visiting peoples houses and commercial properties you will need to seriously consider arranging Public Liability Insurance for any possible mistakes, either your carpet fitters cause to a third party or you if you are working as a sole trader.

Q: What does a Public Liability Insurance cover you for?

A:If you were about to start a job and taking the carpet into the house and you were accused of either property damage or injury to a person your policy would respond by covering both legal costs to defend or represent you and then in the event that you were proved to have caused damage to a property to injury to a person the Public Liability Insurance policy would pay out for damages awarded up to the level of indemnity purchased.

We would suggest that Public Liability Insurance for a carpet fitter or carpet fitting business it is essential to protect your company or operation in the event of a claim. The cost of which is a very small price to pay for peace of mind.

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Carpet Fitters Employers Liability Insurance Requirements

Employers Liability Insurance Certificate

If your business is relative to offering client’s carpet fitting services and you employ staff (even on a part time or casual basis) you must make arrangements to obtain Employers Liability Insurance cover. There is no choice in this matter, the company/ partnership or trader must have an Employers Liability certificate, either displayed at their works premises or where employers can view and be aware that their employer holds an up to date Employers Liability certificate (this can be stored on your computer system, however, all employees have to be made aware of where this can be viewed).

If your organisation/ company/ business has over 5 employees you must also make sure that you have a Health & Safety policy in force and again all employees are made aware of your working safely procedures.

Public & Employers Liability Insurance (PL&EL)

As a carpet fitter you will need to consider both the Public & Employers Liability Insurances, it is very rare to be able to purchase Employers Liability Insurance stand alone so you would have to purchase both Public & Employers Liability Insurance together. The standard covers tend to start at £1,000,000 Public Liability and £10,000,000 Employers Liability.

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