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What do Builders need to be covered for when operating their business?

Public Liability Insurance – is one of the most important insurances a builder needs. So what does Public Liability cover you for? The best way to illustrate this is to give you an example of the type of claims that could be made on your Public Liability Insurance.

Example: Say you visited a client’s house and started to do some work and accidently damaged their property or injured a person the Public Liability policy would respond in two basic ways:

  • It would defend you against an allegation that you had caused property damage or injury to a person (as you may not have been responsible) so you would need legal representation. The Public Liability policy would generally respond by covering for legal costs to defend an allegation against you.
  • The Public Liability Insurance would also cover you for any damages awarded against you should you have been found neglectful in your duties/ workmanship that caused loss to the clients property or injury to their person.

Public Liability for Builders

It is a very important insurance to hold although strangely enough it is not compulsory.

Builders Employers Liability Insurance

As a builder do I need to have Employers Liability Insurance cover? This will depend on whether you employ anyone. If you are a builder working as a sole trader you will not require Employers Liability Insurance, however, if you employ staff even on a part time or casual basis you will need to purchase an Employers Liability Insurance and it is compulsory to hold an Employers Liability certificate you could also be fined £2,500.00 a day for not having Employers Liability cover.

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